Sunday, June 10, 2012

Having a Bad Day?

We all have those down days...when we feel sorry for ourselves.  Our lives are falling apart because of a bad grade on an exam, a bad day at work, a fall-out with a friend...

But we always need to remember what we DO have.  Take a moment to think of the people in your life that make it worth living.  We have families, people that will always be there for us if we need them to be.  I am lucky enough to have all kinds of family....I have family that shares my blood, and I have family that I have chosen for myself.  These are the people that give meaning to my life.

And it is never too late to make a new friend.  It is always possible that one of the most important people in your life is someone you have not yet met...or someone you haven't yet become close with.  Who knows, maybe there is a person who really needs you to step up and be that important friend to him or her.

What is important to keep in mind is that when we just have our "down days" things could be much worse.  I am referring to those days when we let things get to us far more than we should.  I know that I have let little things at work or school ruin my entire day.  That shouldn't can only lead to more negativity.  Not a good way to live life!

When I am having a bad outlook on life, I often stop and think, "I am being so selfish, feeling sorry for myself when I have so much!"  I am reading a book called The Heart and the Fist by Eric Greitens.  I am not very far into it, but it has made me think about how fortunate I am.  Greitens talks about seeing parts of the world where life is far more difficult than mine.

Basically, I have decided that we can choose how happy we want to be.  We can have a very positive outlook on life, and be thankful for everything we have...we can choose to smile!  OR we can make our own lives miserable if we let every bump in the road slow us down too much.  I want to choose to be happy, and try and make others happy as well.  You know, a positive attitude can be well as a negative.  How will you influence people around you?  Try and make someone else's day better just by putting him or her in a cheery mood.

Remember everything, everyone you have to be thankful for...and make sure they know you appreciate them.  You too, should know how much you are appreciated. 

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