Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One Heck of a Son-in-Law

Alabama native Betty Black lost her high school ring 43 years ago while she was playing softball. Black said that she had never expected to see her ring again. She was wrong.

Last year, Black's daughter married a man named Wendell Watkins, whose family owns the land where the softball field once stood. Although the field had been cleared and had weathered various crops and years of storms, Watkins started a search for the ring.

Watkins said that he tried to imagine the outline of where the softball field had once stood. He found where the pitcher's mound may have been, then traced his way toward where the backstop probably was. Then he started digging. After only about 10 minutes, he noticed something that looked out of place in the dirt. It was Black's class of 1959 ring.

When Watkins reunited his mother-in-law with her ring, she was elated. Black said she was so emotional, she "almost had a seizure."

That's one heck of a son-in-law.

By Melissa Knowles

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